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Welcome To Polestar Pets

welcome-img Polestar Pets is the new free network for pet lovers and their pets. Incorporated into Polestar Pets is our Pet Friendly places to Go. Bags packed to go away, going out for an evening or just going for a walk in the park? On Polestar pets you will be able to find out where you can take your pet with you. If you have ort know of a 'pet friendly place then you can also list it on the Pet Friendly Places to Go. pages. Join us and you can create profiles of your pets and yourself and then connect with others through all mobile devices. Share your pictures, videos and stories, create your own Network. Find all the information or advice that you might need on the Forums. Buy or sell through 'Pet's Marketplace' . With far more than this to be found you will see that Polestar Pets is a community of pets and people where the Polestar world is only about Pets and if this is your world as well then let us look after you and your pet world here with this latest Pet Network.

Register today, have fun and Enjoy!

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Polestar Pets is the newest and best place for Pets and Pet Lovers. Join us here at Polestar Pets to meet, chat, learn, see pets pics. and pet lovers from all over. Click on any of the pets below and be one of the first to Join and then find out more about "Polestar Pets" and check out our "Pet Friendly Places to Go"