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Who We Are and What We Do.


Polestar Pets is a network completely dedicated to Pets and Pet lovers. On the Network you can meet and chat with other pets and their owners. View pictures and videos of their pets, make contact with them and share all your pictures and experiences, over time you will build your own network here at Polestar Pets.
You will find Groups to join of all types relating entirely to pets. You post your regular blogs about you and your pet, check events that have been posted on the Network and even browse the 'Pet's Marketplace' for that essential pet present (never live animals). The forums will provide a wealth of help and information on pets and you can also add your comments once registered. Polestar is open to pets of all kinds, if you love them then we do and you will always find other like-minded people here.
Finally, for those who want a full 'Pro' membership then for no more than about 15p. a day you can create Groups, place ads. in the Pet's Marketplace, post as many blogs as you like and many other options, once registered then all you have to do is 'Upgrade' whenever you like.

What to Do Next


Just click on the 'Join' button below and register yourself and your pet, all the options are there. Once you have done that upload some pictures and then browse the site and find all those other pets out there. The search function can find people geographically so some could be close than you might expect. Now just sign up and enjoy and don't forget we can be used on all devices from desk top to phones so you also click on the App links to be taken straight to 'App Store' of 'Google Play'.

Your full name will only be displayed to your Direct Contacts. For contacts once removed only your first name and the first letter of your second name will be displayed. All others will see only your first name.

Please read more in our Privacy Policy.
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